jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Fourth meeting

Today other meeting to practice English!!!!! We'll meet you in the same place at the same hour, but the plan today is walk around the beach to drink something and then to have a light dinner in the society.

This is a picture from the latest meeting. If you hear close you can hear the English conversation.

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  1. Hello Everybody!

    Thank you for the invitation, Iker! I am still in the great state of Utah. Like every ultraconservative place, nothing has changed, everything is the same as always. Luckily, the weather is somewhat cooler than last year.

    I went to Colorado to visit my parents with Maite and the trip was great. Maite and I then went to Yellowstone National Park. It is really, really big! I had no idea how big it is! That is even more impressive in view of the fact that most of the park lies over a gigantic volcano which will probably erupt sometime between the near future and three hundred years. Anyway, if I can figure out how to post something on this blog, I will send you photos.

    I am now at BYU (Brigham Young University) in the library, working on my projects.

    Take care